The Virginia Cavaliers just cut down the nets in Minnesota and we already have the Vegas odds on who will win next year. The odds makers waste no time setting the lines for next season. So here are the schools Vegas thinks has the best chance of winning it all next year.

They’re courtesy of BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag).

2020 NCAA Championship - Odds to Win
Kentucky                      5/1
Duke                            6/1
Virginia                         13/2
Michigan State              8/1
Michigan                       12/1
North Carolina               12/1
Gonzaga                       14/1
Villanova                       16/1
Kansas                         20/1
Oregon                         22/1
Arizona                         25/1
Louisville                      25/1
Auburn                          33/1
Mississippi State           33/1
Tennessee                    33/1
Texas Tech                   33/1
Texas                           33/1
Cincinnati                      50/1
Florida                          50/1
Houston                        50/1
Iowa                             50/1
Marquette                     50/1
Purdue                          50/1
Syracuse                      50/1
Florida State                 66/1
LSU                              66/1
Maryland                       66/1
Memphis                       66/1
Ohio State                    66/1
Seton Hall                     66/1
Wisconsin                     66/1
UCLA                            100/1
USC                             100/1

So Kentucky is the VERY early favorite to win it all next year and the defending champions, Virginia are the third favorite. Obviously there is so many tings that can happen between now and next season but I like to see where the minds that set these odds for a living are. It's pretty much the usual suspects at the top there but the 33/1 area has potential for some fun.

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