Before you even ask, no, this has nothing to do with fans receiving a medium free soda during Fan Appreciation Day. Though, to be fair, that doesn't help the case very much.

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No, this is an open letter strictly based on personnel decisions. And, it is an open letter strictly aimed at one John Mara. The president, CEO and co-owner of the Giants, Mara joined the franchise in 1991.

Super Bowl XLVI
John Mara and co-owner Steve Tisch / Getty Images

So, not only was Mara involved in the glorious "UAlbany years" for the Giants, but he was also one of the main pillars who oversaw two Super Bowl titles after the turn of the century. No one can ever take that away from John Mara, and nor should anyone.

My argument, an argument shared by fans across the country, is that Mara is that the most recent decade hasn't come close to matching the decade before it, and Mara is continuing to prove that he is to blame.

Why, you may ask? Well, to make a long story short for the sake of your own mental health as a Giants' fan, I will distill all of it down into two names. Joe Judge, and Daniel Jones.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Joe Judge and Daniel Jones / Getty Images

Both Judge and Jones were unilaterally retained by the team for 2022, with John Mara announcing that the club will be bringing Joe Judge back as head coach, and Daniel Jones back at the quarterback position. Judge is a few weeks away from completing his second season as Giants' head coach, and has a current (as of December 29, 2021) record of 10-21 under the headset. Jones, meanwhile, was just shut down for the season, putting a premature end to his third season in the NFL.

Let me clarify something, I don't necessarily have a gigantic problem with either one of these gentlemen returning in 2022. I've been a big proponent of Jones, and though this year has tested my patience, I still believe he has talent.

Las Vegas Raiders v New York Giants
Daniel Jones and Evan Engram / Getty Images

My problem lies with John Mara. It's widely understood that current general manager, Dave Gettleman, will not return to the club next season. So, going into a pivotal offseason, Mara and Co. will be searching for a new leader for their front office.

Before even beginning the first round of interviews, however, you've already said that your team's biggest two question marks will remain with the team regardless?

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
Dave Gettleman / Getty Images

If I were an established, accomplished, ready-to-win-now candidate for the Giants' general manager position, that would ABSOLUTELY deter me from taking the job. This franchise needs a new general manager; a new voice; a new architect, so to speak. In order to bring in the best candidate, you have to make the situation enticing in some way. You have to be a desirable destination.

By making a blanket statement about two of your biggest failures in 2021, you're hurting your own chance to find someone who will fix you. Now, John Mara, it's on you to fix your own mistakes, before you end up settling for the wrong leader...again.

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