The New England Patriots are undefeated and continue to be one of if not the best teams in all of the NFL and yes drama seems to find them. The Latest "scandal" is an extension of the last scandal. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is part of a prostitution and Human Trafficking Investigation stemming from Kraft visiting a "Day Spa" in a strip mall in Jupiter Florida. Tom Brady clearly made light of the entire situation and now he's back peddling.

Pretty clear that this is an obvious joke regarding the Robert Kraft Orchid's of Asia Day Spa case. I gotta say I think the best way to point out you don't care about the allegations and you don't feel it's a big deal is to make light of it. This was the perfect way to thumb your nose at the haters. Just don't pretend it wasn't an obvious joke.

You have got to be kidding me. This was a planned and scripted joke. Brady knew what he was doing AND IT WAS FUNNY!!! I had no intention of watching this "Living With Yourself" show but now I might. Stop lying Tommy! You did good and should take a bow not blame.

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