Well if Joel Sherman in the NY Post is correct the best relief pitcher in baseball might be able to give it a go this year and not wait till next year.

Sherman reports that Rivera's rehab doctor named Keith Pyne says Rivera could return this year if all things continue as they have and Rivera's rehab continues on the track it is. Medical reports now claim that Rivera suffered only a partial tear of the ACL not a full tear as was originally reported.

This now brings up an interesting dilemma. If what Sherman reports is true should Rivera push hard to get back this year?

Another dilemma for Yankee fans to consider. Let's presume the "hammer of God" as I call Rivera is bent on only pitching 1 more year does he push to come back this year and if he does and the Yanks win it all will that mean he will retire as he has claimed he would probably due after this year. If the Yanks win it all Rivera is likely to step away and retire now. Outside of competitive juices what is there to  gain by  going on? Money? Perhaps but I have never felt he was motivated by money. He owns all the closer records. He would have another ring to add to his collection.

So here is the bottom line-If Rivera is being totally honest and this was to be his last year and if he is able to make it back-a big if but perhaps a viable if would  you rather he return this year for a short spell and try and help the Yanks win or should he wait till next season, pitch the full season health being good, then hang it up? I am not in the camp that says Rafael Soriano is reliable despite his numbers. See Tigers closer Jose Valverde. I don't trust Soriano.

So if you are a Yankee fan would you rather have Mo back for a short stint this year and the playoffs if the Yanks qualify or possibly a full year next season for 1 last hurrah?

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