The ongoing negotiations between the MLB and the MLBPA have been anything but promising. One moment the MLBPA turns down the MLB and the next it's the other way around. I've had fun calling ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney a "Negative Nancy" because is faith in the two sides coming together in "good faith" has not been very strong. So here we are waiting to see if there will finally be a deal between the two sides and Buster is here to tell us what he thinks now.

Just minutes before Buster called in the MLBPA offered a new proposal to the MLB. The new proposal calls for 70 games instead of the leagues 60 game plan. The good news is both sides are talking the bad news is we still don't have an agreement. Does Buster Olney feel like we're headed in the right direction or still pessimistic about the future of baseball?

Buster also weighs in on the letter from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to the New York Yankees that courts have ruled needs to be released to the public. The letter allegedly details the Yankees stealing signs before and during the 2017 season. Listen below to hear Buster's reasoning why this isn't close to what the Houston Astros did.

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