The Yankees and Red Sox is one of sports most bitter rivalries in all of sports.  Adding to this weekends match up between the two are some comments that Yankee catcher Russell Martin made about how much he hates the Red Sox.


Russell Martin has only been involved in the long rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox for just one season now, but has already developed strong feelings about Boston.  When asked about the upcoming series this weekend between the two, Martin had this to say:

Anything to get the Red Sox out would be awesome for me

When asked why he felt that way he followed it up with an answer fitting of the truest of Yankee fans, "Because I hate the Red Sox."  This will for sure add a bit of fuel to the fire that burns between these two teams.  It would not surprise us if Martin takes a pitch up high and inside from Red Sox pitching.

The Yankees have already wrapped up the division and are in the playoffs, but the Red Sox need to win in order to hold onto the AL wild card.  Martin would apparently love nothing more than to see them out of the playoffs. Yankees and Sox play tonight at 7pm.

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