Sometimes it feels hard for the Yankees to make history. They've been around so long, that almost everything seems it's been done before.

A little bit of history out of the Yanks' 16-inning loss to the Cleveland Indians last night...

Remember the Yankees lost that 19-inning affair to the Red Sox back in April? That seems like forever ago, and it was.

But that game and this one combined to form some Yankees history.

Another historic nugget from last night?

So the Yankees haven't lost a 16-inning or longer game to the Indians since 1918? That's all the way back to World War I...

For me, the most interesting piece of information is that Wally Pip started the game at 1B. Wally Pip was a good first baseman for the Yankees. He hit for a lot of power over his career (1913-1928).

Most people haven't heard of Wally Pip. Do you know why? He is famous for having lost his starting job to Lou Gehrig.


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