It's been so long since the New York Yankees have executed the traditional team-building concept, that the fans of the team have forgotten what it's like.

What's happening to Luis Severino right is normal. Sure, he's 0-3 with a 6.86 ERA and played a part in the Yankees losing 10-1 last night in Texas. But it's those kind of growing pains that Yankee fans forgot about when the answer was simply "buy an established player."

Severino needs time to grow. He's 22-years-old, and I know that Yankee fans want to win now at all costs, but stunting his development is not the way to do so. Let him continue to pitch. He was good enough to help you in a playoff race last year and he's good enough now to overcome a disappointing April.

Severino will be fine, and even if he's not, he gets a longer than leash than one April.

Stick with him.