The Yankees are currently on the field taking on the Tamp Bay Rays and both teams are wearing patriotic uniforms. What do you think of them? 

There are two different mindsets here when it comes to professional uniforms:

A) Don't mess with it. Under no circumstance should you ever trick up a logo because of it's history and what it's been through, etc. This a lot of times can be the overwhelming feeling when speaking of a dominant and historic franchise such as the New York Yankees.

B) Every now and then it's fun. During certain events, when important enough, it's a cool deal to fit the occasion and one can especially get a pass when it's patriotic-related.

I'm normally Type A guy. But today? On the fourth of July, let's be real, these American flag uniforms are pretty cool.

And then there's always the "They only make more uniforms so that we have to buy them and they make more money!" Well, sure. That's a big part of it, too. America - God Bless, you!

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