Oh if you weren't listening to the show about 10 days ago we had a barroom brawl of our own. Let me explain.

My Co-Horts at our radio station, WTMM-1045 The Team-ESPN Radio in Albany gave me a hard time after the Drake-Chris Brown fiasco at a  Manhatten Night Club. As I was railing against how these idiots act like animals, the trio of Brian Noe-The Noe Show (1-3pm) Pierce Brix the producer of my show ( Game On-3/7pm) and Brian Cady who is a jack of all trades tried to make me sound old and out of touch.  Like I was railing against the "gangsta" mentality. If fighting  in a bar and destroying the property and acting like caged animals is out of touch then out of touch I am. Oh these 3  ganged up on me about  'that's the way it is" mularky. Hey fella's tell Tony Parker of the Spurs "thats the way it is".

Parker is suing the club for 20 million. His lawyers claim make him sound like nothing more then an ambulance chaser. However that story has been reported and is a bit old. Now we find out that Parker just about lost an eye in the brawl, being an innocent bystander and enjoying the night out with some fine female, at least that's the way it appears to be. he wasn't involved in the "fun".

Now because of all the good time had by all Psarker claims he just about lost an eye and he might not be able to recover fast enough to play for the French team in the upcoming Olympics. Man I bet the French are thinking about the joy of being in a bar fight or just being in the wrong place.

The Spurs guard scratched his cornea and revealed that a shard of glass from all the "good time fighting" penetrated 99% of his left eye. Oh boy I am jealous of the fun I missed!!!!

Parker will see an eye specialist on July 5th to get an update and see if he can fly. If he can he may be able to suit up for France. He says his NBA career is not in jeopardy. Parker said of the injury and fight " Fear sets in. An eye is so fragile. I couldn't believe it".

As for the main combatants in the brawl so far no charges have been brought. But then again according to the knuckle head 3 why should their be. I mean this is the culture now and you have to accept it or you are behind the times and not "Cool".

If accepting people acting worse then a caged animal then may I never be "Cool"

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