This has not been my best year with the Locks by any stretch but it has been a strong finish. Last Locks went 2 - 1, leaving the regular-season total a mundane 23 - 23 -2. Let's keep the hot streak rolling into the post-season. Like normal I have three plays I feel the strongest about in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs.

Before I make my first pick I'll let Bills' legend Steve Tasker "hint" towards my state of mind.

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills -6.5

I'm officially a "Billiever"! I've bought in. I see the way the defense has worked back towards being a unit that can influence games. I'm all aboard the Josh Allen bandwagon and I openly and fully admit even I thought Stefon Diggs was a good acquisition but the Bills overpaid. I now think Bills' GM Brandon Bean might have been wearing a mask and holding a gun when he stole Diggs for a first, fifth and sixth in 2020 and a fourth in 2021. The Colts have a solid defense and strong running game but the Bills are better just about everywhere and appear to be clicking at the right time.

Bills - 6.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 8.5 at Washington Football Team

The WFT is one of two home underdogs all wildcard weekend. I would be SHOCKED if they outright beat the Buccaneers even though they are the home team but 8.5 is a lot of points. The Football Team has not been beaten by more than a touchdown(with extra point) since they lost 30-10 to the Rams in week 5. Put that together with Tom Brady's effectiveness drops the later a game kicks-off. In seven 1 pm games, Brady averaged 3 TDs and .57 Interceptions a game. In the nine games that kicked off after 4 pm, Tommy threw 19 TDs and 9 INTs, for an average of 2.1 TD and 1 INT a game. Finally in the four prime time games starting after 8 pm 5 TDs and 5 INTs, yup 1.25 TDs and 1.25 INTs a game. I expect a low scoring almost boring game.

WFT + 8.5

Baltimore Ravens - 3 at Tennesee Titans

You want a throwback slobber knocker kinda NFL game then Sunday at 1 pm is for you. The Ravens and the Titans are the top two rushing teams in the NFL. I simply feel like Lamar Jackson is due to win his first playoff game. I also love the way Lamar has started to push the ball down the field to WR "Hollywood" Brown.

Ravens - 3

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