Just like the Ravens, Steelers, and entire NFL, my Locks were affected by the constant rescheduling of the primetime Thanksgiving game. With that game being voided I went 1 - 1 on the week making my total 14-21. I feel like this is the week to "backup" the Brinks truck thanks to backup quarterbacks. I don't just like my Locks this week...I LOVE THEM! (all opinions of my locks can and will change pending upon COVID-19 test results).

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals
Getty Images

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks -10

The Seahawks are clearly the better team here even IF the Giants have Daniel Jones which it looks like they won't. Russell Wilson has been cooking, Chris Carson looks healthy and DK Metcalf is coming off of a MONSTER game against the Eagles. So this is an easy one right? WRONG! The Giants are the play here. This is a team driven by its defense and if whoever the Quarterback is doesn't turn the ball over they win games! The Giants are 7-4 against the spread this year and have only lost by double digits twice week one to the Steelers and week three to the 49ers. Meanwhile, The Seahawks have only won by double digits twice week one in Atlanta and week eight against the 49ers. Daniel Jones turned the ball over twice in both of those games for Big Blue and the Seahawks won the turnover battle 2-0 in their double-digit wins. I love the Giants plus the points here!

Giants + 10

New Orleans Saints v Denver Broncos
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New Orleans Saints -3 at Atlanta Falcons

The Taysom Hill experiment in New Orleans is going far better than I ever could of imagined. Not because Hill is lighting up the boxscore or anything but because Sean Payton is awesome. Hill still hasn't thrown for a touchdown in the NFL however he has four rushing TDs in his two starts and the Saints defense hasn't given up a touchdown since the first quarter of week 10. That's one TD in four weeks and not a single endzone trip allowed by the Saints defense since Drew Brees has been out. Falcons are coming off a rout of the Raiders and are about to be slapped back to reality by the new "Cha-Ching defense" of the Saints.

Saints -3

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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Washington Football Team at Pittsburgh Steelers -8.5

The Football Team is 2-1 since Alex Smith officially took over as QB and haven't lost by more than three points. Much like their fellow NFC Least rivals the Giants the WFT is showing serious signs of improvement. Ron Rivera is the kind of coach that is always going to be looking for more motivation for his players and being the first team to hand the Steelers a loss will be big for him. You'd think that taking down a better team would be the only motivation left for a 4-7 team but with Daniel Jones out for the Giants and the other two NFC Least teams in udder turmoil, a win could mean first place in the division. I'm not sure they can pull off the full-blown upset but I expect a real fight from the WFT.

WFT + 8.5

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