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Levack's Conference Championship Locks [VIDEO]
Some teams raise to great levels in the playoffs, so far the same can be said for me and my Locks. After enduring a 1-3 week the locks are 34-25-2. time to get a cup of Death Wish Coffee and get back to work for the Conference Championship games.
Levack's Divisional Round Locks [VIDEO]
Not a great Wild Card weekend for yours truly. 1-2-1 on the locks. So the season total is now 33-22-2. Not terrible but let's dive into the Divisional round with this weekend's Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee.
Levack's Wild Card Locks Powered Vy Death Wish Coffee
32-20-1 that's our regular season total for Levack's Locks. To put that into cash perspective, if you put $100 on every one of my picks you'd be up $1000 right now. I am pretty happy with that! So I will pick all four wild card games this weekend and hope for continued success. Here a…
Levack's Week 16 Locks Powered By Death Wish Coffee [VIDEO]
After another winning week with a 2-1 record I'm now at 30-19-1 on the season with my Locks. Of Course I couldn't do it without performance enhancing Death Wish Coffee...the World's Strongest Coffee who power the Levack's Locks. Let's take another swing with three picks for …
Levack's Week 15 Locks Powered By Death Wish Coffee [VIDEO]
There's NFL action Saturday, Sunday and Monday this weekend. The spread out games will be great because I can focus on more games real time. Last week I threw up a bagel...as in ZERO but it was a good thing because it was in the loss column. After a 3 - 0 weekend I like a lot of games. I listed…
Levack's Week 12 Locks Powered By Death Wish Coffee
This is a big week for the Locks! I need extra Death Wish Coffee! I did three picks for Thanksgiving Day and now I have three more for this week! Going with the gut here. Three games on Thursday means two less to choose from this weekend.
Levack's Thanksgiving Day Football Locks
Every week I do my locks but I have the entire weekend to choose from so the Thanksgiving Day picks are a little tougher as I pick all three no matter how much I like them. The plus side is I actually do like these games so let's go! Last week I went 1-2 taking the season total to 19-15-1

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