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Levack's Conference Championship Locks [VIDEO]
With only three NFL games left to bet on this season I'm hoping for a very strong finish. The AFC and NFC Conference Championship games are this Sunday and both games have at least a seven point spread. We go into this weekend with a 30 - 23 - 3 record. Here are my Conference Championship locks…
Levack's Divisional Round Locks [VIDEO]
The Wild Card Round worked out well for us with a 3 - 1 record. That makes me 28 - 21 - 3 on the season. If I can keep this up it'll be an even more Super Super Bowl. Just like last week I'll pick all four games this week in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Levack's Locks are…
Levack's Wild Card Locks [VIDEO]
The NFL Playoffs are already here! I feel like this season has flown by at break-neck speed. Took a little hiatus in week 17 but went 3 - 0 in week 16 to end the regular season with a 25-20-3 record. Thanks to Death Wish Coffee for sponsoring my locks AND handing over their Fantasy Football League …
Levack's Week 16 locks [VIDEO]
Last week might be the most mediocre week EVER! ONE win, ONE loss and ONE push meaning my season record is now 22 - 20 - 3. I feel like I need way more Death Wish Coffee as I prepare for the Week 16 games. Truth is if I can finish strong for the final two weeks of the regular season and the playoffs…
Levack's Week 15 Locks [VIDEO]
Time again to break down the week's NFL action without breaking down our bankroll. Last week ended my hot streak with a 0 - 2 - 1 outing. So my season total is a very unremarkable 21 - 19 - 2. Time to go back to what has been working for me this season, backing the road teams.
Looking For Some Home Cooking In Levack's Locks [VIDEO]
Feeling pretty strong with my Locks lately! With back to back 3 - 0 picks before a 1 - 2 Sunday my season total is now 21-17-1. Let's look for some strong Home Field advantage for the week 14 Levack's locks powered by Death Wish Coffee the World's Strongest Coffee!
Levack's Week 13 NFL Locks [VIDEO]
I can't believe it's already week 13 of the NFL season. At this point we should pretty much know who's who in the NFL and three games on Thursday we have less to choose from on Sunday. So here are my three plays for Sunday thanks to Death Wish Coffee The World's Strongest Coffee.…
Levack's Turkey Day Football Locks [VIDEO]
One of the absolutely best parts of Thanksgiving is not on, not two BUT THREE NFL GAMES! The perfect way to engage your family in conversation while still shushing them for big plays and ignoring them at any giving moment. No Thanksgiving is complete at my house without a little Irish Death Wish Cof…
Levack's Locks For Week 11 More Road Warriors [VIDEO]
Man I was so close to a 3 - 0 week. I still think Christian McCaffrey was in the end zone!!! Still I'll take another 2 - 1 week getting my season total back on the winning side 14-13-1. Let's keep it rolling this week with more road teams but this time I'm taking road favorites.
Levack's Week 10 Locks Is All About The Road Warriors [VIDEO]
FINALLY a winning week! I was a Green Bay butt whipping away from 3 - 0 but I will certainly take 2 -1 after the way things have been going. So now the season total for my Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee is 12-11-1. Let's keep the winning going with my Week 10 Locks.
Looking For Luck With Levack's Week 9 Locks [VIDEO]
New York Jets QB Sam Darnold isn't the only one seeing ghosts lately. I'm starting to feel haunted myself with the way my Locks have been going. I walked into last week with a 10-10-1 record and felt great about my Locks which were and are powered by Death Wish Coffee "The World'…

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