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Levack's Locks For Week 11 More Road Warriors [VIDEO]
Man I was so close to a 3 - 0 week. I still think Christian McCaffrey was in the end zone!!! Still I'll take another 2 - 1 week getting my season total back on the winning side 14-13-1. Let's keep it rolling this week with more road teams but this time I'm taking road favorites.
Levack's Week 10 Locks Is All About The Road Warriors [VIDEO]
FINALLY a winning week! I was a Green Bay butt whipping away from 3 - 0 but I will certainly take 2 -1 after the way things have been going. So now the season total for my Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee is 12-11-1. Let's keep the winning going with my Week 10 Locks.
Looking For Luck With Levack's Week 9 Locks [VIDEO]
New York Jets QB Sam Darnold isn't the only one seeing ghosts lately. I'm starting to feel haunted myself with the way my Locks have been going. I walked into last week with a 10-10-1 record and felt great about my Locks which were and are powered by Death Wish Coffee "The World'…
Levack's Week 8 Pro Football Locks [VIDEO]
Worst week yet last week as #LoserLevack lived up to his name. I went 1 - 2 on a week I thought I had really figured it out. This brings my season total to 10-10-1. The only thing worse is on the show I went 0 - 3 for Fantasy vs Reality. Back at it this week because as we all know"Scared Money …
Levack's Locks For Week 7 Are Ready For Your Viewing Pleasure
Last week was another rough one for me. It was so bad I knew I screwed up the second I placed my bet on the Green Bay Packers. It was like a falling dream where you just can't wake up! The miserable 1-2 record from last week has me at a pedestrian 9-8-1. So thanks to Death Wish Coffee I'm …
Levack's Locks For Week 6 Are All About Being Rested [VIDEO]
It's time for the Week 6 Locks! UNDEFEATED last week with a 2-0-1 record improving the season record for Levack's Locks Powered by Death Wish Coffee to 8-6-1. This week is all about the data. Two of my plays are based on RESTED teams that I believe are better than their opponents and anoth…
Levack's Week Four Locks Are Statement Games [VIDEO]
Last week I finally got back on track with a 2-1 record. Sadly the first two weeks I went 2-4, so now I'm a less pitiful 4-5. Let's take that positive momentum and make a statement like I expect my three Locks to make this week. As always Levack's Locks are powered by Death Wish Coffe…
GIMME ALL THE POINTS In Levack's Week Three Locks [VIDEO]
I'll admit this season hasn't started the way I anticipated. Here we are entering week Three of the NFL season and I'm a putrid 2 - 4 with my Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee the World's Strongest Coffee. These are supposed to be the world's strongest locks! So here we go!…
Levack's Week 2 Locks Are All About Overreacting [VIDEO]
Week 2 of the NFL season is all about overreactions. What you look for is either Vegas or betters to pile on a team that had a great week or fade a team that had a terrible week. If you think that team isn’t as good or as bad as they looked you go all in!

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