It's gameday in New York! Well, technically, it's New Jersey, but it's still gameday for a New York football team!

That team is the New York football Giants, who ready themselves for a divisional match-up with the Washington Football Team. The Giants are coming off of an uninspiring Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos, a game in which the team scored just 13 total points, only seven of which came with any time left on the clock. The Fighting Football Team, meanwhile, dropped a game by four points to the Los Angeles Chargers, and lost starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to injury.

With the two teams set to battle tonight, and one team set to win their first game of the season, here's where you can go to get a cold drink, and drown your sorrows ahead of kickoff.

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Some truly incredible options graced our Facebook page a few weeks ago. Of course, we have to shout out The Hideaway, the official sponsor of our New York Yankees pregame show. That's a great place for anything, Giants' football included.

I have to commend the effort by the commenter mentioning O'Toole's in Albany. Not only do I now know that O'Toole's will be featuring the Giants, but I know exactly how much money I would have to budget in order to no longer care about the score of the Giants game. A true marketing home run.

Graney's, Humbugg's and the rest of your fine establishments, I am excited to sample the beverages that are provided within, meet the great Giants fans of the Capital Region for the first time, and prove that misery does enjoy company.

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But wait, there's more? Absolutely, there is. This right here was both the best, and most correct, answer provided to this question. First of all, a bathroom bar is a genius concoction. If you're crushing beers in your bathroom bar, you have but a few feet to travel at maximum in order to evacuate the dance floor for another round.

Eric's joke about the towel, meanwhile, is just comedic gold.

Good luck, Giants, and GOOD LUCK, GIANTS FANS! We'll need it.

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