Wondering how the Knicks can compete with the Spurs tonight? Watch for these 3 keys to tonight’s Knicks game against the San Antonio Spurs:

  1. Carmelo's Redemption: Carmelo was frustrated (and frustrating) in the Knicks loss to the Mavericks last night. Carmelo put up an abysmal 6 points, and was designated to the bench for most the Knicks 4th quarter run. For a guy who is supposed to be an elite scorer, ‘Melo was overmatched by a more determined Dirk Nowitzki. The Spurs don’t have the athleticism at the forward position to keep in front of Anthony, so look for him to try and get in rhythm early, and more importantly, take control late.
  2. Lin’s Defense: Although his stat line wasn’t overly impressive last night, Jeremy played a stellar 33 minutes. If Lin shies away from the perimeter shots, his offensive production doesn’t worry me against Tony Parker. What is a concern is his defense. This season, no successful team, aside from the Bulls, have relied on scoring from their point guard more than the Spurs. If the Knicks are going to win this game, Lin is going to need to stay in front of Parker and keep him out of the paint as much as possible.  
  3. Amare v. Duncan: Stat’s match up tonight will be a huge indicator of things to come for this team. Amare recently admitted he hasn’t been in great shape and has struggled to generate that burst that made him a Super Star in this league. He also indicated that he was getting close to getting it back. Well, if that’s the case then he should have a field day on the slow, aged Tim Duncan. Amare played above the rim in his 26 point outburst tonight, and I would expect at least that many when he takes on Duncan and Blair.

If the Knicks can handle their business in these 3 key areas they should be able to snap their 2 game losing streak before heading off to face Milwaukee on Friday.