NBA To Cancel More Games
As of later today, expect to see more games in the NBA cancelled.  This will be the third time during the lockout that games will be cancelled as a result of the labor negotiations.
HBO’s Bryant Gumbel Paints NBA Comish Stern as Racist
The NBA lockout is an ugly thing.  David Stern has been the NBA commissioner since 1984 and has been credited with increasing the popularity of the league, but one thing he has never been accused of is being a racist.  HBO's Bryant Gumbel tried to do that is his Tuesday editorial on h…
Kobe Bryant Likely to Play in Italy During NBA Lockout [VIDEO]
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, 33, has reached a verbal deal to play in Italy during the NBA lockout, said Italian team Virtus Bologna.
“There’s still some things to arrange but at this point I’m very optimistic. I would say it’s 95 percent done,” Virtus president Claudio Sabatini told a local …
Celtics Guard Delonte West gets Job at Furniture Store
With the news surrounding the NBA lockout not being the most pleasant, a lot of players are seeking other ways to make money.  Some are playing internationally over seas, while Boston's Delonte West has decided to take the blue collar approach and work at a furniture store.
NFL Lockout Ends, Brett Favre Watch Begins
Football is back.  The NFL and the players have agreed to terms of the new CBA which means we'll actually have an NFL season in 2011.
So let the Brett Favre watch begin.  Rather than write a story about how much I hate the Brett Favre retirement watch, I decided to go a completely…
Could Kobe Bryant Play In Turkey Next Year?
First it was Deron Williams.  Could Kobe Bryant join the Nets guard in Turkey next season?
The Turkish club Besiktas is in talks with Kobe Bryant's people about the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers star playing in Turkey during the NBA lockout.
When The NFL Returns, You Will Too
It's Day #127 of the NFL Lockout but it looks like it might be over soon. Today, the NFL players are voting on a settlement and tomorrow, the owners will vote on the new CBA.
You might be angry at the NFL right now, but when the league comes back - so will you!

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