nfl playoffs

Jets Are Goin’ Down
It's very unlikely that the Jets will head into Foxborough and come away with a win against Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Here are a few things that the Jets will have to do to actually pull off the upset.
The New York Jets Are Stupid
Hey, let's talk trash about the best player in the NFL this year.  Yeah, the guy with three Super Bowl rings, let's call him out.  Great idea Jets.
Sucker Bet
This is like taking candy from a baby Capital Region.  This is such a lock, I should actually feel guilty for taking part in this bet with YNN's Marisa Jacques.
Michael Vick Chokes
A full recap of Wild Card Weekend. Seahawks pull a stunner. Jets take down Peyton & the Colts. Ravens roll, and Aaron Rodgers outplays Michael Vick.
Ed Reed’s Impressive Day
Ed Reed had four tackles against the Kansas City Chiefs during a 30-7 Ravens' win on Sunday.  Four tackles doesn't sound like much.  The four tackles that Ed Reed recorded were enormous for one simple reason.
Jets Advance In Playoffs
The New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts 17-16 on Saturday night.  Mark Sanchez wasn't great, but he came up big when he had to.
NFL Playoff Memories
In honor of the NFL Playoffs beginning tomorrow, here is a look back at the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.  This clip is a must see.  NFL Network's "America's Game" is second to none.