Well Phil Jackson and his 11 rings weren't good enough for the NY Knicks-Why even inquire when you have Mike Woodson's 1 playoff series win right-WRONG! But that's the NY Knicks for you.

Word out of Disney is that the Orlando magic are in hot pursuit of Phil Jackson, he of 11 championship rings while Woody has 1 playoff series win.

The Magic are looking to Phil to run the entire operation not coach. The big question though is are the Magic willing to give in to Phil's ample demands-including a piece of ownership of the ball club.

Meanwhile the Knicks never even kicked the tires on the NBA's best coach ever. Jackson a 1 time Knick would have looked nice on the Knick sidelines at MSG but then again if that were to happen how could Carmelo Anthony coach the team like he does now. i mean between Anthony and Woodson they have a combined 3 playoff series wins.

Rumor has it if Phil gets what he wants he will run Orlando but not coach the team. Tha would fall possibly to former Laker assistant Brian Shaw.

The  again if Jackson is interested don't be stunned if the Brooklyn Nets Step into the picture..What better way to make the big splash then hire the former coach of the Albany  Patroons, Lakers and Bulls. keep your eye out for this as well.