Tracy Morgan starred in a very funny skit during the 2012 NHL Awards show on Wednesday night.

Tracy Morgan does a great job in this parody skit.  The former Saturday Night Live star has an acting style that works perfectly for a gag skit like this.  It's also funny to me that the entire premise is centered on the New York Rangers who happen to have one of the most serious head coaches in the entire league.  The mixture of Rangers head coach John Tortorella and Tracy Morgan is very funny to me.

How about the solid job done by Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov also?  Sign this guy up for a movie or a network TV show right away.  Bryzgalov's description of the solar system was some laugh-out-loud-type stuff.  Overall, this is a very funny concept which was executed very well.  The 2012 NHL Awards show was definitely spiced up with this skit.

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