In an exclusive interview on Thursday "Game On" radio  program the Reverend Robert  Hoatson who is the President of the organization "Road To Recovery" (a group that  supports victims of sexual abuse) told Bruce Jacobs that a possible 4th victim has emerged. According to the Reverend he received a phone call after the Bernie Fine story hit ESPN. The Reverend claims he passed along the information to the authorities in Syracuse to investigate. I was very critical of the Reverend after he came out and said Coach Jim Boeheim should be fired or he should resign from Syracuse. My criticism of the Reverend was based on more sloppy reporting we get daily from the pathetic media. Reverend Hoatson said in our interview that he called for the firing of  Boeheim after the coach's initial reaction to the investigation. The pathetic,lazy media made it seem that the Reverend wanted Boeheim fired because of the sordid affair and that's what I took exception to. I still disagree with the Reverend. I understand Boeheim's reaction and would have reacted the same way. This isn't the 1st time these allegations were leveled and investigated so Boeheim has been through it before. As of now we have nothing to lay claim that Coach Boeheim knew anything about the alleged molestation. Also it was learned yesterday that for some reason Mark Schwartz who is the primary reporter on this case for ESPN for some reason gave the alleged 3rd victim Zack Tomaselli who was arrested for alleged child molestation himself,that Schwartz gave the alleged 1st victim Bobby Davis Tomesselli's phone number. Now ask yourself if that makes any sense and why would he do that?

This case continues to evolve and at the same time get more disturbing. New allegations that Fine's wife  Laurie was sleeping with several basketball players through the years that attended Syracuse. Yet as of now still no proof  that Bernie Fine did anything that he is accused of. Folks the media in this country are just atrocious. If I had been a so-called "journalist" like these people claim they are the 1st thing I would have done is after Boeheim said at his press conference after beating Eastern Michigan was that NO ball boy had ever traveled with the team. Boeheim claims they have had over 1500 ball boys and girls including his sons during his long tenure at Syracuse. I would have started right away contacting some of these ball boys to indeed back up or refute what Boeheim said yet not 1 member of the lame stream-lazy-lying media as far as I know even bothered to jump right on that. UNREAL. We as American's are so under served when it comes to honest reporting it is scary. If you ever wonder why we are going to hell in a bucket in this Country you need to look no further then the worst media perhaps in all the  world. Instead of real journalism we get sensationalism. Instead of real reporters we get Government mouth pieces. Instead of hard workers dedicated to their craft we get lazy stiffs more interested in the next party and gathering then real reporting. I could go on and on how much I loathe the American media-both sports and news media no different.

Check out the audio below from yesterday's show, when I was interviewing Reverend Hoatson.