There are great people in sports! We often get so wrapped up with the negative stories like the turmoil surrounding Antonio Brown that we lose sight of the truly good people that happen to be athletes. So I've decided to make it my mission to point out when an athlete does something right or dare I say special that makes the world a little brighter. The first athlete I'll be spotlighting is none other than New York Yankee Aaron Judge.

When I speak to fans Judge is a name that just about everyone says something nice about. Even Boston Red Sox fans will begrudgingly admit they at least respect Judge. Sort of like a modern day Derek Jeter. So it's not a huge surprise that he does the right thing. That Judge goes a little farther than he has to to make children enjoy the game of baseball. That being said check out this video of Judge giving his batting gloves to two children and the reaction of the kids is priceless.

Greta job Judge! Thanks for reminding us the power of a good way!

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