One of my favorite features on Conan O'Brien is when he has athletes on to play the latest video games in "Clueless Gamer." This time the game is "MLB The Show 18" and the athlete is Yankees' outfielder Aaron Judge.

The graphics on the game look absolutely amazing and I've always been a sucker for the Homerun Derby feature but Judge looks almost uncomfortable hanging with Conan. It's funny, I think he's so focused and just all around nice so sarcastic humor may not be his thing. We all know that's totally Conan's thing. All in all this is a great sign that the phenom that is Aaron Judge isn't going anywhere. I had my cocerns that when Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres were Yankees they might steal some of Judge's thunder but he just keeps on playing at a high level and people keep loving him.


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