Just because you're a celebrity, doesn't always mean you're good at everything. That being said, it's still pretty fun to watch them try.

Every now and again, baseball fans are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, as they timidly make their way into the batter's box against a Major League pitcher during MLB Spring Training. It's happened a handful of times, with celebrities like Will Ferrell doing their best to take their talents to the baseball diamond.

Often, it goes horribly, but it's also really funny.

In the rich history of the New York Yankees and New York Mets, two such examples come to mind. Do you remember these household names trying to make a name for themselves as professional baseball players?

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Billy Crystal Plays for the New York Yankees in Spring Training

Long-time New York Yankees' fan Billy Crystal took his fandom to the next level when he suited up for a Spring Training game, as the Yankees took on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Crystal stepped into the box, a right-handed hitter, against tough left-hander Paul Maholm.

Quite possibly, the biggest cheer of the entire spring came when Crystal chopped that ball foul down the right field line. Though he ended up striking out, he did as only he knew how, and put on a show for Yankees' fans that day.

Garth Brooks' Spring Training Tour Leads Him to the Mets

Across town, the New York Mets received a visit from country singer Garth Brooks in Spring Training before the 2000 MLB season. It was not the first, nor the last, time that Brooks played in a Spring Training game, as he's suited up for the Padres (1999), Mets (2000), Royals (2004) and Pirates (2019).

In his second time on an MLB ballfield, Brooks donned the blue and orange, and the media circus that was created because of his presence was no joke.

Garth Brooks #1
Garth Brooks interviewed as a member of the Mets / Getty Images

The difference between what Crystal did, and what Garth Brooks did, is that the latter actually signed a contract and played for the team in multiple games. His statistics are documented, and it appears as though he went 0-for-17 with four walks as a member of the New York Mets. The season prior, he went 1-for-22 with San Diego, according to Taste of Country.

While I couldn't find any good video of him with New York, here's a clip of Garth Brooks from the year prior with the Padres:

Yes, this is ultimately nothing more than a publicity stunt whenever it happens. But, baseball is a game, and games are meant to be fun. What's not fun about this?

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