The debate will rage into the summer and the offseason regardless of the outcome of the Knicks season. Can Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire co-exist and lead the Knicks to an NBA title?

The raw numbers say no regardless of what the Knick pair claim. Since aquiring Melo for half the team and pairing the 2 big fella's together the Knicks are 29-37 including a thrilling win over the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday. More digits for you to digest. The latest injury to Amare allowed Melo to dominate the ball and the shots and the wing where he loves to operate from. The Knicks went 9-4 during Amare's down time. However if you think it is just an Amare thing it isn't. With Staudemire in and Anthony out of the lineup the Knicks are 12-1.  Since Mike Woodson took over the pair have led the Knicks to a 7-2 record. Ok these numbers are for the stat geeks because really what conclusion can you get to as they are all over the place. Also factor in when and if Tyson Chandler is healthy and playing and the defensive numbers look a bit better.

So here is my view of this thing- When all together, healthy, and including  Jeremy Lin the Knicks are formidable and dangerous. It allows the Knick bench to supply some defensive firepower with Landry Fields and Jarrod Jeffries to come off.

I also further believe that while both love the headlines and the glory with taking the last shot this combo can work. I further believe that it is Amare who will be more apt to give up some of the glory and bow to the talents of Melo.

Why do I come to that conclusion? It was Melo who stabbed former coach Mike D'Antoni in the back not Amare. It was Melo who called his own plays, sulked and pouted in that system. That tells me Amare will give up the glory for the team but their is some I in Melo's spelling of TEAM.

Now to give Anthony some credit I believe he realizes that the fan base is impatient with those antics and he is trying to better his all around game. he has become more active on defense and his leadership and communication have been better. is this just a temp thing? Time will tell. But I would like to think that after pushing for the trade last year Anthony realizes that Knick fans love winning more then individual greatness.

Melo has been on a torrid run lately averging over 31 points per game in the last dozen. That's big time impressive.

In a way writing this opinion and conjecture is annoying. Seeing how other stars have paired up their talents to try and win, LaBron and Wade, Paul and Griffin come to mind, it's time to move beyond this nonsense. I believe that both Melo and Stat are good guys who relish being a Knick. It's special to play for this franchise although success has been scant in recent years. I think they can win together and saisfy their ego's.

Also with the Knick mix it helps. The only other starter who is shoot 1st is Lin when he gets back in the lineup. Chandler is a great team player and loves to defend the goal. a few plays and a lot of junk hoops keep him happy.

I don't think the Knicks beat the Heat in the impending 1st round matchup so the offseason will be filled with the speculation. However Amare won't and can't be traded. 3 years left on his uninsured deal and his back and health issues , oh and 65 million on his contract make him a Knick. Can't deal him. Melo can be dealt but his recent roll will make the Knicks think long and hard about doing anything on that front.

In the end it really is up to the individuals and not whomever is the coach to make this thing work. It is primarily in my opinion left up to Anthony whether it will work

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