Despite building a highly successful football program over the last few years, Baylor has parted ways with head coach Art Briles amid controversy.

According to the Pepper Hamilton report, Baylor the University and Baylor the football program were not appropriate in their handling of students and student-athletes and sexual assault reports.

Essentially, what we have here is that a culture of sexual assault existed within the confines of the Baylor program and that administrators at the school helped to cover it up. There is also speculation that the Waco Police Department helped cover it up as well.

Sadly, it's not surprising that things like this happen. In these small towns where the football programs are the Kings, people are more likely to try to keep them in a positive light.

As for Briles, he's been dismissed but the rest of his staff is in tact. Is Briles solely at fault, or is the entire athletic department to blame?