A  truly magical moment was captured on the Hudson River by a New York cinematographer.

There are some spectacular sights to see in the Hudson Valley if you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. Mike Lemery certainly doesn't need to be convinced of that. The New York cinematographer was filming the Hudson River when he focused in on a truly magnificent moment unveiling right before his eyes.

A video posted to Lemery's Facebook page shows a majestic bald eagle swooping down from its perch and swiftly plucking an unsuspecting fish right out of the river. While the behavior is quite common among bald eagles, actually seeing it in person is spellbinding.

Although the fish was snatched in just a fraction of a second, the framerate of the footage was slowed down to capture every calculated movement. You can see the eagle's enormous wingspan help it swoop in at just the right angle to reach its sharp talons into the water, grabbing the fish and capturing it in its claws before flying back to its perch.

Lemery's Facebook page is filled with other incredible videos, including another film of an eagle attempting to catch a fish that's just too big to carry.

In this short video, an eagle is seen sitting on a floating piece of ice in the Hudson River when it spots a large striped bass. The eagle springs into action but quickly realizes the fish is way too much for him to handle.

Bald eagles make their homes up and down the river throughout the Hudson Valley region. Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls is a popular spot for photographers to set up camp and wait for them to spring into action.

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