ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi spends everyday seeding and reseeding the field of 68 for the upcoming NCAA Tournament. As he says it may not be the healthiest way to live but it works for him. Just like Santa Claus once a year everyone can't wait to see what "Joey Brackets" has for them and their favorite college basketball teams. Lunardi thinks that the Siena Saints could be pleasantly surprised with where they end up on Selection Sunday.

Joe Lunardi literally wrote the book on bracketology, it's called "Bracketology: March Madness, College Basketball, and the Creation of a National Obsession". So when Lunardi speaks fans of college hops listen. This is how it works for Siena as a member of the MAAC. First off the MAAC is what's known as a "one-bid league" so whoever wins the MAAC Tournament will automatically qualify for the NCAA Championship tournament. Historically winners on "one-bid leagues" end up with a play in-game or a 16 seed. In 2009 under head coach Fran McCaffrey the Saints achieved their highest ever seeding with the 9th seed. With how crazy this year has been many were thinking Siena (assuming they win the MAAC) would be looking at a 15 or 16 seed. Lunardi thinks 14 or higher is a legit possibility. Listen to Lunardi's full interview with Levach below.

Manny Camper totally helps the Saints to stay in the public eye and hopefully makes the committee place them even higher by showing up on SportsCenter's Top Five.

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You can order Joe Lunardi's "Bracketology: March Madness, College Basketball, and the Creation of a National Obsession" on Amazon.

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