On Wednesday morning, the New York Yankees announced a groundbreaking partnership with Starr Insurance, which included a patch being sewn onto the sleeve of the Yankees' home and away jerseys. There was a massive reaction to the addition of the patch, and most of the reaction was negative.

Of all people, Barstool Sports founder (and Boston sports diehard fan) Dave Portnoy joined in on the hate against New York's newest jersey abomination, and he did so in the form of this tweet.

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Barstool's Dave Portnoy Says What Every Yankees' Fan Thinks About Jersey Patch

The folks at The New York Post discovered a particularly hilarious response to the New York Yankees' controversial decision to add an advertisement to their jerseys. The response came from Dave Portnoy, who is the founder of Barstool Sports, and is well-known for being a die-hard Boston sports fan.

His love of Boston sports has led to a number of memorable clashes with New York sports fans on Twitter, but this time, he actually sided with fans of the Bronx Bombers.

First, take a look at the tweet sent by the team, announcing the new partnership:

This was Portnoy's response, as noted by The Post:

Believe it or not, he voiced what a lot of Yankees' fans had been saying all day. Check out this response, for example:

It's rare that a New York team does something so egregious that even Dave Portnoy, one of the most famous Boston sports fans in the country, will side with them. Cherish this moment for as long as you can.

Portnoy has also received a lot of publicity for activity north of New York City so far in 2023. He named Syracuse, New York as the nation's best bar town back in March, and led a bar crawl through the college town toward the end of April. Portnoy also purchased a home in Saratoga Springs, down the street from Saratoga Race Course.

A group of Barstool Sports employees will also be coming to Upstate New York for the 4th Annual Chiclets Cup hockey tournament in the fall. No word on whether those roller hockey jerseys will have advertisements on the sleeves, or not.

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