Earlier today on Levack and Goz, the guys were joined by the general manager of the Times Union Center Bob Belber. Belber early in the interview discussed the process in which Albany, NY was able to secure the bid to host the 2020 NCAA men's college basketball tournament. Belber also added that the Times Union Center is currently in the process of adding possibly two new sports teams to Albany, New York in the near future. Below is the transcript from the conversation.

Levack-How do you top this?

Belber - Well I don't know that we can top it, but there's never going to be a day that we don't strive to bring in more shows, bigger shows, concert artists that haven't been here before. I will tell you that we are talking to a couple different sports leagues for bringing in another team and we're being really strategic about it so that it will be something really successful right out of the gate. I just came from a meeting about it with one of the teams and as I expected, we'll have a new team to announce sometime in the next couple of months that could start as soon as next year.

Goz-…does that team you are possibly pursuing play on ice?

Belber-No. It will not be a hockey team in the next year or two. I’m not going to say it will never come back but it is not in our highest of priorities right now. There is one other sport that is very high on priority right now  and there is a second sport  behind that.

Levack… We know that you aren’t going to tell us that is lacrosse and football but if you wanted to we would listen.

Belber- (laughter) Ok.

Belber in the above interview confirmed it will not be AHL team to replace the Albany Devils. Will it be an arena football team? A pro lacrosse team? How about an NBA D-League team? Below is the entire interview.


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