The NFL continues to roll on this fall and one of the most exciting parts for fans is to follow along with their fantasy football teams each year. What are the best fantasy football names in 2020? Well recently our friends offered up some of their favorite team names including

Catalina Wine Mixon

Golden McCaffrey

Kissing Cousins

Lamar The Merrier

Beg, Burrow, And Steal

Batman And Dobbins

Portable CeeDee Player


This season I'm playing in five fantasy football league's. I can share four of my five fantasy football team names (the other is my street address)

Elwood's Cult (inside joke with league members)

Poodell Beckham Jr

Kings Road 69ers

Geno Smith

What do you think of my team names? Lame or good? Plus share some of your fantasy football team names with us here. (Remember curse words will be blocked on our Facebook page so keep it clean as possible) Or you leave a message on the free 104.5 The Team app below.

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