Few guests have ruffled as many feathers as Bleacher Report's Doug Farrar. In just one short interview Farrar upset many Jets, Bills and College football fans. The thing is it was never Farrar's intention to do so. He just shoots from the hip and speaks his mind. Which I love!

First off he's finds the trade between the Jets and the Seahawks laughable. The fact that the Jets gave up Sheldon Richardson is a sure sign of a Tank in Doug's mind. Almost as bad as the Jets continuing to experiment with Christian Hackenberg. Farrar believes Hackenberg should never of been drafted higher than the 5th round . As if that didn't upset people enough the prediction of the JEts next Quarterback really got under people's skin. Lamar Jackson form Louisville was his choice. Not Sam Darnold of USC, Josh Rosen of UCLA  or Josh Allen of Wyoming. Let the Jets rage lose.

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