ESPN’s Bob Knight was baffled by the shot clock on Thursday night during the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game.  This is absolutely hilarious!

Bob Knight has a solid basketball mind.  He knows many facets of the game very well.  However, his knowledge of the shot clock and game clock needs a little bit of fine-tuning.  Knight was totally confused during the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game on Thursday night while reviewing a bucket by Nerlens Noel late in the game.

Rece Davis and Knight reviewed a bucket by Noel that shouldn’t have counted.  Knight was totally confused by the 0 on the shot clock.  He had no idea what it was.  He then asked Rece Davis about “the 17.3” and what that was.  Davis told him it was the game clock.

It was some of the worst analysis you will ever hear.  Let’s all remember that Knight won 902 games during his days as a coach.  902 wins!!  And Knight doesn’t know what the shot clock is?  Really?  Great stuff.  You can’t make this up.  Kentucky beat Vanderbilt 60-58.

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