Former head coach of the Florida State Seminoles, two time National Champion and College Football Hall of Famer Bobby Bowden joined Levack and Goz on a Football Friday. Not only is he a kind and genuine man he still knows his football. Bowden shares his thoughts on the state of College football and the College Football Playoffs.

During the call Levack asked what Bowden was up to now and Bowden shared he had just been released from the hospital. Here's what the coach had to say: Bobby Bowden "I've been in the Hospital for the last 5 days. Just got out about 2 days ago and I'm having a rough recovery from a low blood count, not bypass, but a stint and it'll take awhile to get get better. It has really slowed me down, I mean I walk so slow now, but I think it's gonna all be good in the end. "

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bobby Bowden and his family, hoping for a speedy and full recovery.