A couple from Upstate New York has revolutionized date nights, or at least, they claim that they did.

X user @collin_ruth89 posted a photo on Sunday evening, featuring him and his girlfriend. In the post, he explains the concept of a bottle night, a date night idea that they invented last year.

Here are the details:

So, just to recap: both members of the couple open their own bottle of wine. They begin to drink it, and as they drink, they talk to each other.

Quick, someone, call the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

As you've probably noticed by now, I am joking. This idea isn't revolutionary: people have been drinking alcohol and spending time with each other for centuries.

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That being said, the idea of "bottle night" is one that's rooted in logic. We all spend exorbitant amounts of time engaging with other people through social media, texting and other modes of communication.

Every now and then, it's nice to put your devices away, and live in the moment that's taking place in front of your very eyes.

Naturally, other users on X had a lot to say about this "brand new" date night idea. Here were a few of our favorite replies:

Today is Friday, so, if you're ending the week with a date night of your own, why not make it a bottle night!

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