Miami Dolphins' wide receiver Brandon Marshall says that he has the goal of getting kicked out of the upcoming Monday Night Football game against the New York Jets in the second quarter.

When asked if he was joking about getting kicked out of the upcoming game against the Jets, Marshall said no.  "I'm not joking.  I'm serious," Marshall told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.  "They're going to fine me.  It's probably going to be like a $50,000 fine.  But that quarter and a half that I'm out there, I'm going to play like a monster.

"I might get in a fight with Bart Scott.  (Antonio) Cromartie, we pretty much matured our relationship and grew a little bit.  We used to fight in Denver and San Diego.  If that happens, it happens, so we'll see."

Okay, then.  The Dolphins are 0-4.  Matt Moore will be making his first start of the season at quarterback after Chad Henne suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.  Now, Miami's star receiver is striving for an early exit.  The Fins have a solid shot at Andrew Luck.

Marshall revealed in July that he was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder earlier this year.  That might explain why he also said that he might get into a fight or a shoving match against the Jets, or bang the ball off his head.  Not good, B-Marsh.  Not good.  Focus on catching the ball instead of dropping it or banging it off of your head, please.