The Los Angeles Lakers apparently won't be getting back Phil Jackson any time soon. According to his fiance, Jeanie Buss, co-owner of the Lakers, she says that the Knicks president won't be leaving New York any time soon; especially to join the Lakers.

"No. To visit, yes ... but in terms of basketball, he's committed to New York for many years," Buss said. "He's building something there. He has a mission, he's on that journey to get the team back to where he believes it can be and it will be. He's a former Knick ... he loves New York, he loves the fans, he wants to make them proud."

It would seem as though the Lakers would be the perfect fit for Phil. With the hiring earlier this month of Luke Walton, and with the job stability he would have in Los Angeles combined with his history there, it seems like a perfect situation for Jackson to end up in L.A.

"In terms of the Lakers, we have a front office. They're putting together a team ... they have a vision. I'm excited to see what the future holds for us. So, to answer your question ... no, there's no plans for Phil to come back here."

Jackson has three seasons left in his five-year deal with the Knicks, but can opt-out of his contract after this upcoming 2016-17 season.

It seems as though the Knicks are at least stuck with Jackson for the remainder of his contract, but could next season change that? We'll have to wait and see.

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