Buster Olney always has a blast making fun of Levack's love of the Yankees. So a day after a true beat down from the dreaded Red Sox, Buster was in rare form.

Here is Buster's answer to what's wrong with the Yankees:

"Well the rotation, it certainly at this point it’s a concern. You know watching the game last night you hope that C.C Sabathia is okay. When he struggles with his command what always pops up in my head is that front knee which is such a big deal for him and he needs that to be right. And I’m really curious about how he’ll be going forward. But I think that’s part of the reason why the Yankees went out and added as many safety nets as they could I mean clearly they have decided that Look, Sonny Gray just joins the long list of guys who don’t necessarily fit New York and are not comfortable in the atmosphere and I’d be shocked at this point if Sonny’s not traded to another team sometime during the course of the off season and for now they’ll remake their rotation. I think it’s great to talk about how deep their bullpen is, but they need more innings out of their rotation and that’s got to start tonight with Severino."

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