Today's top sports stories:

Tom Brady agreed to a three-year extension with the Patriots, a contract that will keep him in New England until he's 40. The deal is for just $27 million, maybe half what Brady could get on the open market, but apparently he really wanted to stay where he was and give the Pats some payroll flexibility. "What a nice guy," his financial adviser didn't say. [S.I.]

In college hoops, Indiana stayed at the top of the polls for the fourth straight week. Coming in at number two is Gonzaga, the highest ranking ever for the Bulldogs and the first time a non-major-conference school has hit that height since Memphis in 2007-08. [ESPN]

Manti Te'o, whom you might remember from his underwhelming performance in the BCS Championship Game and that whole fake-girlfriend-dying thing, now has a trifecta of bad news: his performance at the NFL Combine underwhelmed audiences. Well, at least the people watching and judging him were, you know, real this time. [USA Today]

The NHL may be preparing a radical realignment of conferences, moving the league's 30 teams into four total conferences, split between an Eastern and a Western side. [CBC]

The Slam Dunk Contest at the NBA's All-Star Weekend this year wasn't much fun, but holy cow was it better than the Chinese Basketball Association's version of the event. [GuySpeed]

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