Strange-very strange indeed. The mother of baseball Hall Of Famer Cal Ripken Jr was kidnapped by a man still at large, then left in the back seat of her car and found almost 24 hours later. Vi Ripken was  abducted sometime around 6 am  from outide her home, which is located about 30 miles outside Baltimore. The kidnapper was took Vi Ripken at gunpoint but told her she wouldn't be harmed and in fact would be returned. Police aren't saying at this point whether the kidnapper came to recognize whom he had taken.

The kidnapper never  contacted anyone with demands for releasing Ripken. Vi claims the kidnapper lit cigarettes for her and stopped for food so she could eat.

The unknown assailant stuffed Ms. Ripken into her Lincoln Continental Tuesday morning. The kidnapper threatened to put tape over Cal's mother but relented after she told him she was claustrophobic so instead he blind folded her.

Vi Ripken was then returned sort of as the kidnapper left her some 23 hours later bound and blindfolded near her home outside Baltimore. As of right now police  say they don't know the motive for the kidnapping. don't know why she was returned unharmed and don't know who the kidnapper is.

Cal Ripken and his brother Billy Ripken, who is a commentator for the MLB network haven't commented publicly on the kidnapping of their mother and then her unharmed returned just hours later.

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