First and foremost: The actual "real life" situation in Baltimore takes precedent. It's devastating to see what is going on in one of America's most traditional cities.

In the sports world, the ramifications of the city unrest are quite interesting. The Orioles/White Sox game today will be played in front of zero fans. No one will be allowed in.

This is what Camden Yards will look like on Wednesday (Getty Images).
This is what Camden Yards will look like on Wednesday (Getty Images).

That would mean no ushers, no concession workers, nobody. Media members, grounds crew members, scouts and the teams are presumably the only ones who will be there.

The game will be broadcast on and I will be watching, just to see what it's like.

Take a look at some other sparsely attended games, which come directly from

• According to Thorn, a 19th-century game hosted by the rather uncreatively named Worcester Worcesters on Sept. 28, 1882, currently stands as the soon-to-be-replaced, all-time recorded attendance low -- at 6.

"Both clubs had already been informed that their franchises would not be renewed for 1883 and that their cities would be replaced by Philadelphia and New York," Thorn said. "These franchises -- the Phils and Giants -- thus both date from 1883 but did not "relocate" from, respectively, Worcester and Troy."

• STATS LLC's lowest recorded attendance, going back to 1987, comes from an April 9, 1997, game between the Blue Jays and White Sox at Comiskey Park. The recorded crowd was 746.

• A verified box score on from Sept. 22, 1966, at Yankee Stadium reports a crowd of 413 for a game between the Yankees and White Sox.

• The Triple-A Iowa Cubs did not admit any fans into a June 14, 2008, game against Nashville because Des Moines was under evacuation order due to terrible flooding. The Des Moines Register reported that there were only two seats occupied at Principal Park, both by scouts sitting behind home plate.

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