Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer got a tiny bit carried away celebrating a made basket against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night.

Carlos Boozer was pumped up after making a basket while getting fouled by Dirk Nowitzki with 3:01 remaining in the 2nd quarter on Saturday night.  Boozer celebrated by swinging his fist.  Unfortunately, Boozer’s fist accidentally walloped referee Danny Crawford near his groin area.

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To Crawford’s credit, he simply laughed off the unintended punch.  Now, that’s a referee that gets it.  He understood that Boozer wasn’t trying to harm him and that the incident was just a simple mistake.  The Dallas Mavericks beat the Chicago Bulls 100-98 thanks to a 3-pointer by Dirk Nowitzki with 2.9 seconds left.  Nowitzki scored a season-high 35 points in the win.

By the way, can we rewind to Super Bowl XLVII for a second?  During a 34-31 win by the Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers, Ravens cornerback Cary Williams accidentally pushed an official.  Many fans wanted him ejected.  It was simply an accident.

Williams was reacting to 49ers fullback Bruce Miller ripping his helmet off.  He got up and accidentally pushed an official (video below).  The official understood that Williams didn’t mean to push him.  What motive would Williams have?  How would he benefit by intentionally pushing an official?  The official in the Super Bowl did the right thing just as Danny Crawford did on Saturday night.  They allowed a simple mistake to go unpunished.

The Dallas Mavericks are in action this Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers.  The game will air on 104.5 The Team at 10:30pm ET.  The game has huge playoff ramifications.  The Lakers are currently in 9th place in the Western Conference with a (38-36) record.  The Mavericks are in 10th place with a (36-37) record.  Listen to this matchup on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio.

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