Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett put their differences aside and joined forces to make fun of TNT’s Craig Sager at the same time.

How great is Craig Sager?  This guy is constantly cracking me up.  When Kevin Garnett asked Sager what his motivation was for wearing another crazy outfit, Sager replied, “To wake up.”  The best line of this entire video was KG saying, “What kind of answer is that?”  Sager and KG combined is instant entertainment.

Garnett and Carmelo have obviously patched things up from earlier this season.  Carmelo was reportedly bent out of shape after KG said some disrespectful things to him on the court.  KG might’ve even talked some trash about Melo’s wife.  Carmelo was so bent out of shape that he waited outside near the team bus area to have words with KG.

Apparently, it’s all in the past now.  Hey, if KG and Melo are on good enough terms to make fun of Craig Sager, I’m all for it.

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