DiPietro, Canty and Rothenberg AKA DCR made the move to mornings this year and have been a welcome addition to the Capital Regions morning routine. Rick DiPietro took time to join Levack and Goz today where he covered just about all of New York sports and helped preview the NHL season. Not only does DiPietro think that Islanders have post season talent but he begrudgingly said nice things about the Rangers.

Humpty played for the Islanders and has never stopped being loyal to them. Considering they made it to the Eastern Conference finals last season there's no reason to start doubting the Islanders now. Even though DiPietro is a known Rangers-Hater he had to admit that the young and talented team has a likable coach in David Quinn. DiPietro is happy where the state of New York hockey is right now and thinks we could see both teams still alive in the hunt for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Listen to Rick DiPietro's full interview where he explains why he likes the Rangers and Islanders chances this year. He also explains the pro athlete's view of Kyrie Irving and James Harden's action as of late. Finally does he have hope the Jets will get the head coach search right?

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