The overwhelmingly popular opinion this week will be negative towards another Warriors-Cavaliers NBA Finals, but you won’t hear me go there.

As long as Golden State is the best team in the world, and it is, and as long as LeBron James is the best player in the world, and he is, then I’ll take this matchup every time. That said, for as happy as I am to watch this head to head meeting again, it’s probably a five game series.

The Warriors are a ridiculous -900 to win the NBA title now, but holding them back from doing it in sweeping fashion is their inability to consistently play with a killer instinct. One thing we’ve learned about this version of the Warriors is that they can lose focus at times and give a full game away to their opponent.

On top of that one defect of Golden State, LeBron is playing with a sense of content that allows him to be loose, free and confidently. That’s a scary thought; LeBron James playing like a man with nothing to lose. I would expect this NBA Finals to mirror last year’s. Warriors in 5.

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