Manager Joe Girardi also expressed his support.

“I give CC a lot of credit because it takes a lot of courage for someone, a man to step up and say I need help. And when he came in (Sunday), I was no longer a manager. You know, I was someone that wanted to make sure that the proper course of action was taken.

“CC has been a warrior here. You think about 2009, ’10, ’11, ’12, when we were having all that success, he was the guy leading us. He was the guy that was extremely competitive: Give me the ball on three days’ rest. I’ll do whatever it takes to win. And he always showed courage then. And he always showed an inner strength, and I’m probably more proud of the inner strength he showed (Sunday) than any day I’ve had him as a manager.”

Being a fellow Yankee fan, you have to show CC nothing but support. We've seen many athletes not get the help they need, and it ends up effecting them for life. CC has announced that he plans on coming back next season, let's hope he's only being fueled by cereal, and can clean himself up.

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