Late yesterday the Cincinnati Bengals made a trade, and it wasn't Carson Palmer, it was wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and he joins the New England Patriots. 

There have been a lot of big moves made over the last couple days in the NFL.  The Bengals make a move yesterday, in moving wide receiver Chad Ochocinco to the New England Patriots in exchange for a couple draft picks in 2012 and 2013.

Ochocinco agrees to a new restructured contract with the Pat's that will fit their slary cap.  I think this move also gives him a better shot at any sort of championship. With Carson Palmer retiring that leaves the QB position in Cincinnati up for grabs, so who knows who will be throwing the passes.  Now, Ochocinco will be catching passes from Tom Brady, one of the best in the league.

Though Chad's production was down last season, he will hopefully bounce back this year.  Especially with the opportunity to play under Coach Belichick, Ochocinco will probably thrive.  He joins Albert Haynesworth who was also traded to the Patriots yesterday.