One of the names the Yankees are being linked to is Rangers right fielder Alex Rios.

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"[The Rangers] not dying to move him but if they can get the right piece, then they’ll pull the trigger," said Jeff Wilson of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. "They got two pretty good pitching prospects with Joakim Soria."

Wilson did not seem overly confident that Rios would get dealt before Thursday's 4pm deadline.

"It’s not going to be easy sort through."

How good is Rios?

"His skill has taken a little dip this year. Is it an upgrade over what the Yankees have in right field right now?"

With the Yankees looking at a struggling Ichiro Suzuki in right field, the answer is 'yes'.

Rios, 33 years old, is batting .305 this year with a career .280 batting average.

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