The Brooklyn Nets have vastly improved in 2014 as they're only four games out of .500 and host the San Antonio Spurs tonight on TNT.

Analyst Charles Barkley joined Mike & Mike this morning on 104.5 The Team and was asked by Mike Greenberg if the Nets are a serious contender now in the Eastern Conference.

"I don't think they're any good at all," said Barkley. "You only have two teams in the East.

"You have the Heat and you have the Pacers. I actually think that the Washington Wizards are the third best team in the Eastern Conference.

Podcast: Barkley with Mike & Mike 

"But listen, it's the Heat and the Pacers. Nobody else is any good ... or worth talking about, to be honest with you."

The other hot topic question brought up to Barkley had to do with Carmelo Anthony and what team he should play for beyond this year.

"Well, Carmelo is a great scorer. I think he needs to stay in New York and they need to put some pieces around him. The grass is always not greener if you leave.

"There's really not a better situation for him out there. He should stay in New York. They're not going to be any good because they don't have a lot of good pieces with him. There's no other team out there he could go to. Maybe the Bulls ... but there's no grass is greener for him."

The Knicks lost to the Trail Blazers, 94-90 on Wednesday night.

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