A mind boggling story in my opinion from Minnesota, where two so called civil rights leaders made a disgraceful claim about the Minnesota Timberwolves organization and the state, claiming that the team is racist since it has too many white players and only five black players.

So called civil rights leader Tyrone Terrell, chairman of the St. Paul African American leadership council said "I think the unbalanced roster could be seen as a ploy by the ownership to sell the team to a majority white fan base."

I mean, are you serious with this, guy? If this man were white and made this claim he would be finished. The facts don't support his outrageous claim and even if the roster had one more white player, or two more, or three more, who the heck would associate that with any form of racism? If one team, two teams, or five teams had more white players, who cares? If they have more black players who cares? If they had more hispanic players, who cares? To allege in any form that because a team has more players of ANY RACE makes them racist is despicable!

We, and by we I mean my radio show and my crew (Game On with Bruce Jacobs, 3-7 p.m. on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio) went through the T-Wolves roster. Based on the depth chart the Wolves have four black players. They have two I believe of hispanic heritage (JJ Barea and Ricky Rubio) and they have seven white players. Of those seven players, four of them are European players. Seems to me if anyone cares or is counting, that is pretty diverse. I thought diversity was the goal? But again, if the T-Wolves have more whites who cares?  My favorite team, the New York Knicks have one white player and one player named White who isn't white. Who cares?

Terrell, still not finished spewing dribble, then added  "how did we get a roster that more resembles the 1955 Lakers? I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance." I mean, this dude has major issues.

It should be noted, so I will note because you probably won't be reading about this from any so called "journalists," that the Timberwolves went hard after two free agents this past off season, both of whom are Black. Nicholas Batum of the Portland Trailblazers received a real nice offer from the Wolves, which was matched by Portland. Minnesota also chased Jordan Hill of the Lakers. He went back to LA to play, citing that the Lakers offered a better chance for a championship.

Another so called civil rights "leader" Ron Edwards said it was "somewhat disturbing" that when he looked on the court during a game last year that now former Timberwolf Wesley Johnson was the only black player on the floor. My man, the civil rights leader was "disturbed" about, my gosh, the horror of having more Whites on the court, like this is something bad. Again, who cares? Edwards continued "it raises some real questions about what is really intended. I think personally that it was calculated. Is this an attempt to get fans back in the stands? Minnesota, after all, is a pretty White state."

So if I get Mr. Edwards' nonsense, folks in the great state of Minnesota don't and won't support a team with more black players and that the organization has a racial bias. Really all I can say is wow. By the way, Mr. Edwards, as has been pointed out right here in this piece your rhetoric sir is factually false. Mr. Edwards, did Minnesota draw when the "Big Ticket" (Kevin Garnett) was in town dominating and leading Minnesota to the Western finals?

Mr. Edwards and Mr. Terrell are so called "leaders." Using these divisional tactics, false assertions, and flat out lies. My question is are these two men suggesting that a roster in the NBA must have more black players then white or hispanic? Really? If a white dude suggested that a roster be more "white" wouldn't they not be called leaders but racists?

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