Starting this Saturday December 16th at Noon with the Celebration Bowl featuring Grambling Vs North Carolina A&T we will be treated to 41 Bowl games. I love Bowl games! I know some of you think there's just too many of them but how can you have too much football?

Right out of the gate Saturday will have six games highlighted by #25 Boise State Vs Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl at 3:30 pm. For me whether you do a bracket challenge, ESPN's Capital One Bowl Mania or just watch every game for me the drama and match ups are amazing. Sure not every game will be great but when you factor in seniors possibly playing their last games and NFL prospects trying to work their way up the draft board it's usually absolute best effort.

Don't blink because before you know it it'll be January 8th and the College Football Playoff Championship game will signal the end of the College Football Season. 41 games in 24 days. Enjoy!

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